We get a number of frequently asked questions and so we thought it best to make the most common ones available for all to see!

Yes you can.  I purposely designed these nets to be used on the floor because there are no haynets out there that are designed to be used from the floor safely. I did not want loops & clips etc.. The Patent design allows you to feed a roped Nibbleze net from the floor.  Several years of trialing went on with a wide range of unshod/unbooted horses before Nibbleze nets became available.  When you receive your net, there will be instructions on how to use the Nibbleze successfully.

Yes you can.  The mesh holds up fine to being submerged in water everyday.

Yes you can, after being asked by customers I put it to the test and I’m happy to say the Nibbleze net is absolutely fine being used in a hay steamer.

Yes you can.  I have a Donkey client & a couple of goat clients who have had success using the 25mm knotless mesh.

Yes, any size or style can be made up. If I have the mesh in stock, I can get the bespoke net out within 10/14 days. If I have to order the mesh it could take upto 3 weeks. 

Time, they need time to work it out.  They will get it, you are re’ schooling your horse/pony to eat.  Some get it quicker than others, Leave your Nibbleze net along side their normal intake of hay in their haynet they are used to, once they have picked up the technique you can slowly reduce the easier access hay to a minimum. 

Yes you can. The Patented design has all positions covered. From the floor all the way up to where ever you want to hang it.

You can watch our video on how to hang the net at different heights here. 

The weight each Nibbleze net holds is based on an “approximate” weight of dry hay.. More or less can be added or taken away depending on how you fill it. .

The regular Patented nibbleze haynets Chilli, Picolo and Toby are made from scratch with the materials needed right here in the UK. Every single design that is available has been designed & tested by my own horses, my liveries horses & a couple of local livery yards in the UK.

The larger 1 sqm Mega’eze nets are made in Spain, which is where the mesh itself is manufactured.