Why use a Nibbleze Net?

Help your horse to eat slower

- Nibbleze knotless nets help horses to eat slower, to eat safely and to have forage for a longer time. By using a Nibbleze net it can slow down a greedy or fast eater encouraging to promote better gut function, this reducing possible risk to your horse's teeth and gums. We have had great success with horses that have gastric ulcers and as part of the road to recovery Nibbleze 25mm holed knotless nets were used to prolong the time forage is available.

- We've also had good results with weight loss & weight control, A Nibbleze net reduces large mouthfuls of hay being taken at any one time. Your horse has to learn how to use their lips, tongue & teeth to be successful. Once they have mastered the art of eating out of a Nibbleze net your forage will last longer & there will be less wastage on the floor. This is great for good-doers because it allows you to offer small amounts of forage for longer periods of time.

- Nibbleze nets can be hung at low level to let your horse eat in a more natural position or, if tied correctly they can be used on the floor by unshod & unbooted only horses.


With its unique safety closure system Patent Pending, its the ONLY small holed net designed to be fed from the floor. Nibbleze nets are repairable, you are supplied with a repair kit to make repairs at home. Using Nibbleze nets at low level or floor level is entirely at horse owners risk. Using any haynet low level or floor level is not recommended for shod horses or whilst wearing hoof boots.

Further Information

Helps to reduce the risk of gastric ulcers by longer periods of forage available: This is what I was aiming for when I started with the nets. I wanted my horses to have hay for longer periods without putting a round bale in their stable but I also didn’t want them to gorge & over eat potentially causing other health issues.

Colic can be possibly avoided by providing your horse with forage for longer periods & keeping the gut moving, reducing time spent with no forage available.

Natural Feeding Position: If the nets are hung low or used on the floor then this produces a much better position for the horse to eat from. They can be fed at low level or from the floor, DO NOT use any haynet at low level or on the floor if your horse is shod or is wearing boots

Laminitis & Related Conditions: By controlling their intake you could reduce an onset of laminitis. Controlling forage intake is only a small part of managing laminitis. Nibbleze nets can be used to soak hay in if that is something that needs to be done as part of the care required.

Weight Control: Providing your horse has no medical reason why they can’t maintain a good body score a Nibbleze net will help regulate weight during the summer months but also help during the winter to provide longer availability of forage to keep weight on & keep that forage going in. If you are looking to buy a 25mm net for a gorger I’d strongly advise you offer a good amount of hay loose or from a 45mm knotless net before your horse attempts the 25mm knotless net. It maybe that you’ll always need to offer easier access hay alongside the 25mm Knotless nets. The Taperze 45/25 is a good example. This is purely to introduce the smaller holes when your horse/pony genuinely isn’t hungry. We don’t want stressed horses, we want horses grazing from the nets & they will if you introduce them slowly..they can be tied up conventionally or they can be used at low level or from the floor.

DO NOT use any haynet at low level or on the floor if your horse is shod or is wearing boots

Boredom: Some of the designs available offer challenges to your horse, giving them something to do rather than stand in 1 spot looking at a wall with their hay vanishing in front of their eyes! The Doubleze 25/25mm or the Taperze 25/25mm is a great boredom breaker.It can be tied up conventionally or it can be used at low level or from the floor.

Or simply by using a nibbleze net in addition to your regular forage methods you can prolong the time your horse has forage for longer periods.