Doubleze 25/25 Doubleze Various Sizes



This is a challenge slow feeder net which is suitable for horses/ponies that are fast, aggressive, greedy feeders or on box rest to feed dry hay, wet hay, haylage, any other fiorage. .

*One of our most popular nets.*

The double layer works that if the top one is grabbed the horse gets nothing because the layers pull apart, so they have to learn to eat politely using their lips, tongue and teeth to tease strands. Can be wall hung or floor fed (barefoot and unbooted only). This slow feeder net is a combination of 4mm/25mm knotless net outer with an additional 3mm/25mm inside layer. The mesh is offset with the weave going in different directions. Bound Both sides and the top of the net with safety single rope closure.

The Doubleze is Exclusive to Nibbleze

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Made in the UK

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Doubleze Sizes

Chilli Doubleze, Picolo Doubleze, Toby Doubleze


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