Larger Hole Picolo (Medium) Knotless Net

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Standard Picolo 45mm /4.5cm knotless mesh single layer hay net with the same unique, patented safety single rope closure for horses and ponies.



New, Standard Picolo 4.5cm/45mm knotless mesh single layer hay net with the same unique, patented safety single rope closure for horses and ponies.

Holding approximately 5.5kg/12lbs dry hay.

Approximate size. Width 80cm Drop 100cm.


Can be wall hung or used as floor feeding pillows, using the net for low or Floor feeding is only suitable for unshod and unbooted horses

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If using a carabiner clip I always advise using the locking type.

Made in England

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Weight 0.6 kg

Black, Orange

1 review for Larger Hole Picolo (Medium) Knotless Net

  1. L H (verified owner)

    After hours of research and 20 ?’s to Rachel (you are so patient…many thanks) I decided to go for Nibbleze. I not only needed a net to support my own re-training of feeding volumes, but also to slow my 3 x 16’3 horses down and prevent waste. I have three 16’3 horses have different weight, age, dental issues and muscular issues so I went for the larger hole knotless nets to minimize the potential of one of my horses not being able to access hay or get frustrated. My horses can come and go in the winter in and out of stables and use of the apron. I always leave some loose hay in hay feeder to give quick wins without 24 hour gorging, along with a net to help trickle feed or slow down. Here were my findings;
    1) Quality- amazing and robust….from webbed trim on sides of net, to rope and ring closures and the net mesh itself….the quality is fantastic. Horse did initially bite with teeth but then used lips, which normally using other nets, by the morning I would see gaping holes and then need to repair. These nets are in tact and look like new. No fraying on rope or net itself. so far so good. Also included is some materials for repair just incase whilst horses are adjusting to the nets they manage to create a hole. Personally mine adjusted fine to the larger holed net.
    2) Easy to use- rope not tangled or hard on hands. Soft to open to put slices of hay in without getting stuck and easy to close tight so horse cannot nibble out the top. super easy to hang and untie as rope is supple enough to pull & release daisey chain. Less painful on hands when hanging as rope is softer.
    3) Kinder to horses teeth and muzzle. I did not realise how rough my old nets were till I got the nibbleze nets. Horses muzzles are soft and very sensitive. Just pressing the nets up to my own mouth and feeling the difference between rough rope and knots to the nibbleze soft knotless nets, said it all… especially if my horse is going to eat from the net for 8 hours +. I also noticed that there was less pulling and tugging that can then with normal nets cause twisting motions and jerking down the spine.
    4) Less waste- normally I would find loose hay below the net, that would then get trampled on or not eaten. Today, just small seeds and crumbs….perfect for scoopng up and turfing onto bare soil for grass growth.
    5). Adaptable as floor level feeding or track systems- My horses are unshod, and have not tried this as of yet, but in summer I intend to trial a few smaller holed nets along with larger to see how we get on.
    6). Amazing customer service- From inquiry to order to delivery, I was not disappointed, plus they can do custom orders for adaptability.
    7). Most importantly my horses welfare- If they had their way, yes they would like to gorge but all three I noticed ate from the nets along with the adlib hay swapping between the two versus leaving the nets till the last when nothing else is available.
    In summary, very impressed, It has reduced waste, slowed eating without creating frustration, more comfortable for horse and strong and robust. I will be investing in more of these, once i sort the sizes needed. Many thanks, A Game changer. 🙂

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